Re: Loss Protection for our freight cars.

William Canelos

My son has USAA insurance replacement cost.  Had a big hail storm which destroyed his roof damaged the siding gutters and some wood trim,  It also destroyed his very large outdoor g scale railroad including all the buildings(about 32), 17 freight cars, and smashed the ties out of the rails, and 27 switches and very expensive number six switches.  No custom items like we make.   The adjuster came out and told him to list every item and show a catalog or advertised MSRP retail price for each item. it was a total pain, but they paid off every item at full msrp price. He made out fine and I collected all the building parts that were still ok or which could be epoxied and fixed up about half of them  or kitbashed some into completely different things. The freight car bodies were not repairable, but the trucks and metal wheels were fine excep for a couple of side frames.  Also many other parts were salvaged.  Most of the rails were ok, but none of the switches were worth trying to repair, but most of the motors were salvaged.  We were able to buy replacement ties and save 85%of the rail.  So financially he made out great,  but the repairs were time consuming and it took about 4 months to get thing back to normal(sort of).

So the point is that there was nothing special about these items and documentation was readily available, so he got paid off well.   For custom items like we make it would be difficult to find a comparable item.  Even if we documented the cost of adding detail parts, original kit price, trucks and couplers etc.  It would be completely time consuming to do it and keep all the receipts etc. for each of our many items.  Also we would never be able to get reimbursement for our research and labor.  I have a headache thinking about it.  A piece of jewelry can be appraised, but a custom freight car?????   Perhaps the group could look into getting an NMRA master model railroader to becoming an appraiser!!

I have USAA and they indicated that custom work is extremely difficult to insure for the reasons stated above.

since I am very new to the site I may have missed some of the posts in this thread.


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