Re: Cool Weather Warm Food at CCB Prototype Rails 2018


  It is like it has always been, six of one/half a dozen of the other on the weather. 

     As someone from balmy Minnesota, I get a kick out of seeing Floridian's in parka's while I and the wife are in casual clothes in sunny 60 something degree weather. And the quizzical looks we get. Such is life. Enjoy it while you are above ground. 

    I am heading down with the wife to South Beach as in the past that seems to be a casual days drive after CCB, and we like the coast highway. Then down to the keys for a few days. I cannot recommend this highly enough as an after CCB treat.

    Meanwhile as you sit in the warmth of the keys, you can pull out your model railroad car acquisitions and/or open one of the railroad books bought at CCB.  
                                                                                                                        Jim Dick - St. Paul 

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