Prototype Rails and RR Historical Societies


Begging the moderator's, and members, indulgence...

Mike Brock has agreed to let a group of us meet after 10 PM Friday night to discuss opportunities for collaboration among railroad historical societies. Any officer (e.g. web master, archivist) or director of a RR historical society that is attending Prototype Rails is welcome to join us.

The intent is to discuss some of the challenges RR historical societies are facing from the standpoint of operating the historical society, with the hope that there may be activities we can collaborate on to reduce costs, save volunteer manpower, and provide more and better services to our members and the public..

Mandatory STMFC content is how the various RR historical societies have preserved equipment drawings important to STMFC modelers. While equipment drawings will not be a topic of discussion, methods of inexpensively digitizing the archives of RR historical societies will be one of several topics discussed to determine if a joint effort can reduce costs and speed delivery of historical information to STMFC modelers.

We will post a notice on the message board late Friday afternoon on the room to be used.

If you are interested, please reply off-list to Dave Evans

We are now returning to your regularly scheduled content...

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