M&Stl boxcar


Hi Clark, 

I’m very interested in at least one.  Pix, please?

Thanks much. I like the previous cars from you very much. And they’re in my era. 

Mike Del Vecchio

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I have too many M&StL 53,54000 series box cars for my current operation. I’d like to sell off a few. These are detailed as per Gene Green’s instructions including Barber S-2 trucks with Intermountain wheel sets and Kadee scale head whisker couplers. There cars are all in as built paint. I will request a premium price – slightly less then quality RTR freight cars or resin kits at $40 each. I also have two unbuilt Red caboose kits in as blt paint. These kits date to 1999. $15 each.
Contact me off list if serious and I’ll send photos for your approval.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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