Re: M&StL 53000-54998 Boxcars

Douglas Harding

The MSTL 53000-53998 and 54000-54998 boxcars were 1937 AAR 10’0” cars purchased new in 1944 & 1945. 500 cars in each series, even numbers only. The cars were built by General American.


Clark published a great article on modeling these cars in HO in the August 2006 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. The article is very complete in regards to details about these cars. I’m sure Clark consulted with Gene Green about the details.


I am not aware of any of Gene’s work being published on line anywhere. There are extensive messages from Gene in the MSTL yahoo group files. And Gene has done articles for the CNW historical society publication. I believe Gene was a consultant for several manufactures, including getting Red Caboose to tool the Superior hand brake found on later MSTL cars. This hand brake sprue is available from the CNWHS.


Doug  Harding


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