2018 Shake'n'Take ERIE 95000 Series 40' 50 ton double door box car

Schuyler Larrabee



I’ve just uploaded the PPT show I gave at the Prototype Modelers Meet at Cocoa Beach, as well as the instructions for the project.  The instructions are in Word.


At some point shortly, I’ll post a link to the Google Photos folder I accumulated while building the car.  I may not get around to editing out some of the less-successful photos so there may be a lot of duplication.  You can download and keep whichever of the images you find useful.


I will also, shortly, post a list of the things you need in addition to an Intermountain 40899, which is an undecorated kit for a 10’-6” IH single door box.  Greg and I are looking into how we can best make these other parts available; not all are straight commercial parts.


Any questions I will be happy to assist.  And for the obvious, I will take a decent pictures of the completed car and upload those too.




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