Re: 2018 Shake'n'Take ERIE 95000 Series 40' 50 ton double door box car

Armand Premo

Schuyler,I missed my first ever "Meet at the Beach".I would like to build the car.Any help you can give as to plans and purchase would be deeply appreciated. Thank you ,,Armand Premo

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I’ve just uploaded the PPT show I gave at the Prototype Modelers Meet at Cocoa Beach, as well as the instructions for the project.  The instructions are in Word.


At some point shortly, I’ll post a link to the Google Photos folder I accumulated while building the car.  I may not get around to editing out some of the less-successful photos so there may be a lot of duplication.  You can download and keep whichever of the images you find useful.


I will also, shortly, post a list of the things you need in addition to an Intermountain 40899, which is an undecorated kit for a 10’-6” IH single door box.  Greg and I are looking into how we can best make these other parts available; not all are straight commercial parts.


Any questions I will be happy to assist.  And for the obvious, I will take a decent pictures of the completed car and upload those too.




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