Re: Wine ventilators

Donald B. Valentine

The Wine ventilators are an interesting detail for ventilated freight cars. From my study of them over some years it appears there were two common sizes for use in freight car ends and one predominant size used in car sides. I looked into having mold cut to offer the two end styles as injection molded parts some fifteen years ago and the cost scared me as it didn't appear enough could be sold to ever even cover the cost of he tooling. 
I wonder if there is any better chance now as they really are neat parts and ventilated cars are neat as well.
I've more recently found a great source of very fine mesh brass screen that could be used inside the ventilated 
doors for such cars and am trying to acquire a large piece of it. This also makes me wonder abut the Wine ventilators again. Bill Welch will flip out over this mesh if some can be acquired.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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I am with Joe on this, I also have an undec box car set aside for this. I received the decals from the FEC HS awhile back. Would also like another set to modify an Atlas 1932 SAL style box car for express service.

Rich Christie

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