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Ed Hawkins

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Going thru some old kit that have been in storage came a upon a CB&T car #26451 with the broken wing scheme - foobe or not?

Also a GM&O #24579 End Cab model double door 40-foot car broken wing scheme - smae question

It think the 26300-2699 series had black roof, ends, underframes and trucks when built did this carry on to the broken wing scheme or were they all one color?

GM&O 26300-26999: 700 cars, built ca. 12-52 by ACF, lot no. 3663. 

Postwar 40’-6” AAR box cars with 10-panel riveted sides, 6’ door openings, 4-5-5 Improved Youngstown doors, 1948-1954 version Improved Dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel roof, Ajax (first 300) & Miner (last 400) hand brakes, Kerrigan running boards & brake steps, A-3 Ride Control trucks. These cars are listed on the appropriate roster of cars with similar features downloadable on the STMFC web site.

Paint specs from the ACF bill of materials: Freight car red - sides; black car cement - ends, roof, u/f; black - brake parts, trucks; white - side stencils; aluminum - end stencils.

The 24579 is likely beyond the scope of this forum. 

Ed Hawkins

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