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Thomas Birkett

I thought that the stack was a flare that would take care of vapors off crude oil loads. The headers along the ground might be various petroleum products that might be loaded.

But a flare is not going to come out of a structure, but it could be a heating boiler stack. Keeping water from freezing before loaded into cars?

Tom Birkett, Bartlesville, OK

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I can’t believe this complex was intended for filling tenders. Perhaps this is a ‘filling station’ for tank cars carrying water.

Nelson Moyer

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Very interesting. Somebody understand how it worked? Al

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This is a link to a photo from the Louisiana Digital Library


The title says the subject is a train watering station. Is this correct or did this item have some other use, such as wetting down loads in open top cars?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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