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I spent yesterday wailing and gnashing my teeth trying to get Tru Color to behave properly. Fail. I don't want to sound like a Negative Nellie, but I'm tired of fighting a losing battle. That being said, let me share some thoughts.
Xylene works as a thinner. I had hit and miss results with Acetone.
It seems the moon has something to do with how the paint goes through an airbrush. Sometimes it spits and comes out in little chunks. I don't know why this happens, even with their thinner. But to get it to flow right, I've found that I have to thin it so much that it takes the whole bottle to get half way coverage on a project. Total waste of money and time. Thank goodness the air is free.
Sometimes the sheen is shiny, sometimes it's acceptable. Maddening.
Yesterday, I was working on an S-scale wooden depot for a friend. I sealed the walls so that it wouldn't take multiple bottles just to get a decent coat of paint. The thing looked more like stucco after trying Tru Color Buff. No matter what the p.s.i. was set at, I couldn't get good results. Since the company is in my state, I'm going to go down there and sit in the lobby until they show me their paint works.
I picked up some Scalecoat II at Caboose Hobbies last summer. Wasn't thrilled with the results of that either.
"Floquil, why have you forsaken me?!?!"
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I have been usingĀ Xylene to thin Tru Color evfer since it came out just as I used of for Accu-Paint, both coming from the same original supplier. I've also used Scalecoat for fifty years last year and was happy as heck to see Floquil go out of business as I was tired of detail hiding primers and paper towel, or "stucco" as you called it, finishes. With either Tru-Color or Scalecoat I would recommend 25 lbs. of air pressure and then try adjusting the amount of paint you are spraying through the nozzle. If you are still not happy tyr going up to 30 psi and adjusting spray again. I also wonder if you might have a humidity problem but you ave not indicated anything
that would lead on to suspect that.

Good luck, Don Valentine

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