Re: Tru-color paint

Allen Montgomery <sandbear75@...>

I'm in Arizona, so lack of humidity is never a problem, unless it's so dry the paint can flash before hitting the surface. But that's only in summer. My compressor has a moisture catch, but I've never had a drop of water accumulate in it. Living in Az sure helps being a model painter. Almost everything I do is dry within minutes. It's great being able to make lots of progress in a day, with no waiting around for dry time.
I use an Iwata gravity cup with a fine needle. Both tip and needle have been replaced lately.
I do understand the issue of Floquil covering fine details. On my engine fleet which are all custom paint jobs the doors and hinges were a problem. Luckily I model the CNW, so most got rust highlights that overcame that issue.
I've been happy with other brands. Mostly weathering projects get these as it's so hard to get Railroad Colors from other brands.
Allen Montgomery

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