Re: Tru-color paint

Fred Jansz

Being a hobbyist, not a pro, TC is the finest paint I've ever used. Very forgiving paint if you spray too thick. It always dries up smooth and shows all details perfectly.
Most reds I thin like 15-30% with TC thinner. As base coat I use TC primer, sometimes other brands. Never interferes with TC paint.
I use Harder & Steenbeck gun, medium size needle and pressure as needed for job, mostly around 20-26psi.
Used TC on plastic and Resin kits. My first brass job flaked, but that was because I didn't sandblast it. Tossed the brass model in a thinner bath and tried again with good results without baking in the oven. Will try that on another model though. See what happens. 
cheers from Holland, Fred Jansz

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