Re: Tru-color paint

Matt Smith

I used Tru Color for almost all of my projects this last year. Things that have worked for me. 

Use the Tru Color brand thinner, I thin maybe 20-25%, I clean up with laquer thinner.
Use several drops of Tru Color retarder in the cup (I use an Iwata with fine tip).
I shoot with a 20lb CO2 tank, (moisture in line does not exist and lasts forever)
I shoot 30 psi.
You will use more volume of paint then say Vallejo or Pollys
Several light coats as stated it dries very fast.

This is all per the FAQ on the Tru Color website.

Much like switching from Pollys to Vallejo there is a curve and start with products recommended by the manufacturer and work out from there.

I now prefer Vallejo Acrylics for weathering with an airbrush and shooting the car bodies with Tru Color as it is decal ready when dry.

Matt Smith
Bloomington, IL

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