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My experience has been hit and miss with Tru Color. I've had issues with it adhering to clean styrene/ABS shells. It certainly won't adhere to Scalecoat 2 paint where I used it to match the decals I had that were made to match AccuPaint. The Tru Color matched perfectly but wasn't happy sticking to the base paint. I'm not a fan of the Tru Color product. I did, however, recently try some Tamiya paints and was mightily impressed - this coming from a hardened Scalecoat user :)

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

Jeepers Craig, I've used Scalecoat since 1968 and have always been happy with it. Still have one good
bottle from the original producer at 888 Velmont Ave. in Birmingham, AL. That said I began using 
Accu-Paint as well as soon as George Bishop dropped having Floquil mix his colors and went to the firm
which I think supplied the inks for his decal as well. Tru-Color is the same paint from the same supplier and handles the same way. Based on the years of my own experience I'm surprised you are having difficulty
with Tru-Color if you are happy with Scalecoat as I use the same techniques and thinners with both and have no complaints with either.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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