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What, if anything, could be backhauled in an ice bunker meat refrigerator car?

       Anything that would fit. But a reefer was smaller than a box car, restricting some loads. Remember that a packer-owned meat car was under the direction of the owner and could not be confiscated for back hauls.

Were such backhauls common or the exception?

    I have not seen statistics but would expect that backhauls in packer-owned cars would be quite unusual.

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"Anything that would fit" Tony writes for a meat reefer back haul. Tony I don't believe you mean that 
as I'm certain anything used as a backhaul load in a meat reefer would have to be "Clean Lading".
Can you see bagged lime, fertilizer, coal or bricks being backhauled in a meat reefer? I don't think 
so. Better yet, how about raw leather hides.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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