Re: Meat Reefers - Backhaul Freight

Bill McCoy

When I was a Trainee on the SAL in 1966-67 I was assigned to the Charlotte Freight Traffic office disposing of reefers to textile shippers on the SAL was one of my collateral duties. The TCFB Tarriffs had what we called 2 for 1 rates to use empty reefers back to the Transcontinental territory. They even allowed different destinations on reefers on the same B/L to far west destinations. We had a large A&P warehouse on the P&N at Pinoca (Charlotte) and at Raleigh and lots of reefers making empty. The textile shippers in North Carolina used these rates any time suitable emptys were available but NEVER meat reefers.  Residual blood and other contaminants sent these cars home Mty. Also most meat reefers came from mid-west origins (Western Trunk Line territory) and I don’t remember incentive rates from the south for using mty reefers.


Bill McCoy Sarasota, FL

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