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    Well I decided to use Scalecoat.  And even thought it looked good and sprayed on another surface good it came out blotched on the BL sides.  Figured I had a ruined pair of sides but took some Scalecoat gloss and thinned it a bunch.  Lightly sprayed that over and I think everything is OK.  One problem is it's going to take a while to dry.
    What makes me mad about these modern hobby paints is that I have a very old (40 years?) 2 oz bottle of Floquil boxcar red.  This paint works as good as the day it was made.

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Jeez Jon,
   Count me as one of those who thought Floquil was worthless the day it was made and forever afterward except for weathering. Do you want more of it? There may still be several bottles of it here from a good friend who passed away. If interested contact me off list and I might make you an offer you can't refuse.
Cordially, Don Valentine

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