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Ted was very helpful to me in obtaining a drawing for a C&O HS project years ago just after they moved in.

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Over this past weekend, Group----

I received three sets of car builder drawing copies from the Pullman Library at the Illinois Railroad Museum.  I had begun discussing these cars with Ted Anderson on Saturday afternoon late in October while attending the ChicagoLand RPM at Lisle.  Ted recommended the best course of action to follow and I began it a couple of weeks after returning home.  A couple of emails and one phone call later, my desires were identified, quoted, and soon paid for, just ahead of the Christmas season.  I could not be more pleased with what I received and with the superb help I received from Ted and Bob Webber at the Library.  If any of you are possibly considering seeking help there, do not hesitate.  Get on with it; the process was very easy as long as you provide the basic information the Library needs, i. e., car description including railroad and number series when purchased and date and place of construction.  Do not get into the weeds with what you seek, just those facts of the construction.  The Library is a phenomenal resource for research on our prototypes.  If they have it, you will likely be pleased with it.

Since it has not been otherwise noted, I trust that I will be forgiven for the following.  I will take the lead to say that Ted Anderson informed me that he would be retiring at the end of 2017 and, with that, no longer be the chief contact and curator at the Library.  I hope he will not become a stranger there or attending our gatherings such as the RPM meets.  We owe him a debt of gratitude and I suspect I am one of many researchers who have been thrilled with the information Ted has helped find and provide for our dreams and desires.  Thank you Ted!

Mr. Bob Webber has assumed the curator role and Ted as assumed an "emeritus" title.

From Western Penna, at Grove City----Mike Schleigh



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