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These are PRR R7 class cars sold to FGEX when it was formed.  PRR drawings are available from the PRRT&HS archives

Drawings are C-40633, C-48069, C-65591

This is the link to the order form    products for sale, then equipment diagrams.

Also See Rob Schoenberg's site has photos and drawings but not of the underframe

Rich Orr

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I am working on an Westerfield Models R7 FGEX Refrigerator, kit 11661, to be numbered in the 45645 to 46270 series. A photo of a car in this series appears in Railway Prototype Cyc., Vol. 15, p.75.  My question is on the underframe.   I see stringers on the underframe in some of the photos; however, no mention of them in the instructions.  I am asking if some can direct me to a drawing so I can or provide information to clear up the discrepancy so I can get the underframe correct.  I do have access to the 1919 Car Builders Cyc.; however, I could not find an answer there.  

Thank You for for time and effort to help.

Lester Breuer

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