Re: Width over side sheets for CNW/CMO USRA DS rebuilds

Jack Mullen


First a correction - inside widths for USRA and AAR std boxcars were 8' 6" and 9' 2" respectively. 

You're right about IW being increased when the cars were rebuilt.  The CNW/CMO rebuilds had 9'2 IW.  Assuming the lining is 13/16" lumber, and the side framing is 3" deep, the width over the side framing should be 9' 9 5/8".  Allowing 0.1" steel sheathing on each side brings the total just a bit shy of 9' 10".  

The assumed values are consistent with the AAR standard boxcars, and very typical for the era. I wish I could be a bit more definite, but most of my references are still in boxes.

Jack Mullen

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