Re: Is there any influence in this group?

Tom Gloger wrote:
As one modeler who has had occasional difficulties counting boards
off of prototype photos because of the tight fit of adjoining
boards, I would like to see our acceptance of board gaps relegated
to the bin where boxcar door "claws" and 12" diameter car side
rivets gather. Any thoughts? In a rare moment of respect, I'm
respectfully yours.
--- David Lenehan <> wrote:
At the risk of being a "me too" poster, I couldn't agree with you
more. Personally, (and here is the trip wire you spoke of) I think
it's wrong for 1" gaps between boards to be acceptable.
It seems to me there must be other ways to convey the "This Car
is Made of Wood" message than exaggerated gaps and grain. What
about subtle (one or at most two degree) variations in the plane
between boards? Tongue and groove siding would keep the joints
together, but if two adjacent boards warped in complimentary
directions, they could produce a "ridge" or "valley" that would
be visible to the unaided eye. Is material like this available?

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