Re: Width over side sheets for CNW/CMO USRA DS rebuilds

Greg Martin

Ben and all,

I think I can answer many of Ben's questions after all the research for SHAKE-N-TAKE© in 2014 .

BTW Ben Homm has the second hand rebuilds pretty well covered. I will see what I can add.

In context

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Ben Scalon comments:

"Believe from an earlier comment that I cannot find (Yahoo Groups search capacity not being what it was) that many USRA DS rebuilds were taken out to the width of a 1932 ARA/AAR boxcar, so that would be taking the inside width from 8'9" (??) to 9'4", IIRC."

The inside width of the CNW/RI design was 9' 2-1/16"

The width over the side sills was 8' 6-5/8" 

The width over the Upper and Lower Eves was (up) 10' 4-1/16" (lower) 10' 4-3/8"


I try not to make generalizations,  there were many commonalities but as much alike they all differed.  

It depends on the era they were rebuilt. There was variation and lots of roads rebuilt USRA DS and USRA SS freight cars. I find them all interesting.


Martin Lofton's article in RMC ids a good starting point , certainly only scratches the surface.


"However, I am unsure of the width over side sheets?"


I am not sure why this would be important? If you are scratch building you might need to know the thicknesses of the material overlapping the side sheathing. There are several 1937 AAR 10' IH  cars in good condition at he railway/ trolley museum that might help for those rebuilt later to '37 spec's like the Santa Fe cars.  

"Further, does anyone know what the width over side sheets (or at least inside width, if that is unknown) was for the C&NW/CMO cars? These were CNW 65000-67418 and CMO 36100-37098"


If you were to join the SHAKE-N-TAKE Yahoo Group most of this would be easily sovled as we did the car at Cocoa Beach in 2014 and followed along after the event. The data we accumulated was generously shared for free and with the Sunshine kit long go this is a great way to model several variations of the car. I still have ends and sills for the CNW/CMO/RI cars. We improved the side sheathing that was wrong on other offerings as well.   


"As the CNW rebuilds were done between 1937-40 and the last 200 for the Omaha Road were rebuilt in 1941, I'm wondering if they took the car out to the same width as the then current 1937 AAR boxcar?  


Ben Scanlon"

Yes Ben but not exactly. Sign on and Feed You Head.




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