Re: How Do You Store Your ACC?

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Most cyanoacrylites will keep for years in the refrigerator. I have some Fletchtight archery adhesive that is over 11 years old and is still liquid. It has been stored in the basement refrigerator. Obviously I don't use this stuff often.

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I’ll second the recommendation for Loctite brand. I’ve had a bottle on the workbench for over a year. It has not turned solid, nor has it clogged. The first bottle of ACC that I can remember not turning solid. It helps to keep humidity under control. In the summer I run a dehumidifier in the basement and central air, but I live in the Midwest where humidity can get well over 90% in the summer, and down to single digits in the winter. Which is why I am amazed at how long the bottle of Loctite ACC has lasted. Used it to repair a loose part on a steam era freight car just two weeks ago, which survived the latest op session with no further issues.


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