Dates for Script and Brush Dixieland on NC&StL box cars

John Barry

With the release of the the Accurail 36' Fowler Boxcars, including part 1159 decorated for NC&StL, I have a question as to correct paint & lettering for my modeled era of December 1944.  The data sheet produced by Ray Breyer found at shows photos of two versions of the car near my time frame:  XM27 NC&StL 15377 with AB brakes and a reweigh date of NE 4-45 with a Brush style? (slanted all cap san serif block letters) DIXIELAND and a Soapbar style NC&StL logo in rather worn paint next to XM28 NC&StL 16453 in much fresher paint with K brakes and a reweigh of NE 10-40 with a script Dixieland and octagonal Dixie Line logo.  

As there were 943 XM27 and 471 XM28 listed in the Jan 45 ORER, when did each of the schemes come into effect on the NC&StL?  The photos are B&W, but appear to be overall Box Car Red, including the roofs and trucks.  Can you confirm the colors?
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