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Richard Townsend

There was an article in the September 2013 RMC by Mike Evans about kitbashing the Barrett LTA cars from a Tichy tank car. The result was outstanding.

Richard Townsend
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Jim and Friends,

This type of car was classed as "LT" or "LTA". LT is defined in my 1958 ORER as "A permanently enclosed car having a cylindrical body for handling certain dry powdered or granular commodities . . . . Inside of body provided with mechanical means to expedite unloading. LTA uses the same definition, but lacks the unloading mechanism.

GATX (LT) 33000-33053 are listed in my ORER, but the "number of cars" column is empty, suggesting these had recently been retired or altered to some other classification. In addition, GATX (LTA) series 34000-34099 is also empty. One other GATX LTA series with mixed numbers in the 31XXX and 32XXX ranges shows eight cars in service.

GATX series 33000 is listed with outside length of 40'. GATX 34000 had an outside length of 31' 10". The mixed series had a length of 38' 2". No other dimensions are listed. From the photo of 33000, it appears that an Athearn 40' single-dome tank car might make a good start for a kitbash.

I also found Barret Division of Allied Chemical with 96 LTA cars listed as BMX 800-899 with an outside length of 36'; and four BMX 827, 838, 845 and 896 listed as exceptions with a different capacity.

Chicago Freight Car & Parts Company operated four LT cars under the CFRX reporting marks.

United States Railway Equipment Co. operated two LT cars as USEX 101-102.

A builder's photo of American Cyanamid Co.s CYX 102 is found in Gregg's TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA No. 38. No cars of this type are among the CYX listings in 1958.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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  Sorry if this has been discussed here prior. I could not find anything in posts. 
While researching, this came up..from page 605 of a 1932 Railway Age is an article on General American Dry-Flo tank cars. Wondering if anyone has a sense of how many of these cars were built. Covered hoppers are still in the future a bit. 
   In the 50s, were these still running? 

 Has anyone ever produced a model (HO) of these? 

                             Thank you in advance.            Jim Dick  - St. Paul                                                                    

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