Re: H0 brass W&R NP wood box car - good paint job?


Hello Bruce,
many thanks for this helpful hint! I purchased the car (the first one/ truss rod). I will change that date (or better: -let it do) - after heavy weathering.
Many thanks also to the other members who replied - I admit that some or even most current plastic or resin models may look better than their brass counterparts, and I have lots of plastic and resin cars/ kits and will continue to buy them.
But here the point is that all my engines are brass, most cabooses too, and I realized that I already have a sizeable number of brass freight cars - so the idea is to assemble a good-sized freight train entirely of brass (preferably western area) - because I like that material. I admit that this is something strange and maybe isn't in line with this groups goal of realizing the most detail regardless of material, but I hope I am allowed to continue to ask questions regarding this "project".
The first half of the train are W&R D&RGW 47' coal gondolas - currently 11 of them, and I would like to purchase some more of version 2. What other type of gondola is typical of D&RGW coal service? USRA composite Drop bottom? GS gondola? It would be great to add variety to the cut of W&R cars.
Many thanks again and greetings
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Well, for your dates you would definitely have to change the reweigh date (which is DMS 11-37) ;) 



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