Re: Dry Flow Tank Cars ?

Douglas Harding

Jim the M&StL leased two, but only one was actually placed in service, on 11-1-1936. Numbered 70001. I have a copy of the contract between GATC and M&StL. The contract was for 10 months. I don’t know if it was renewed. I do know Gene Green spent many years attempting to learn about this car. He never found a photo. A diagram of the inner workings of the car was published in the 1937 Car Builder’s Cyclopedia. I will send you a copy off list.


Doug  Harding


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  Sorry if this has been discussed here prior. I could not find anything in posts. 

While researching, this came up..from page 605 of a 1932 Railway Age is an article on General American Dry-Flo tank cars. Wondering if anyone has a sense of how many of these cars were built. Covered hoppers are still in the future a bit. 

   In the 50s, were these still running? 


 Has anyone ever produced a model (HO) of these? 


                             Thank you in advance.            Jim Dick  - St. Paul                                                                    


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