Re: How Do You Store Your ACC?


I use several ACC types: Zap thin (pink label) and gel (green label) which I keep in a large plastic pill bottle with cover. Inside the pill bottle drier packets fill the space around the two Zap bottles. Since I began using this method I have been able to use the entire bottle no matter what length of time to do so. I also use Loctite thin (red label) and thick (blue label) which just set on the work bench with no problem using the entire bottle from start to finish. Just as a side note: I find the Zap seems to set slower as it ages so to have it set as if a new bottle I place five drops of Zap in a water bottle cap and add a two or three drops of Loctite thin. The water bottle cap with this amount of ACC will last several hours on the workbench before setting up.
Lester Breuer

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