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The Heinz Corporation photograph records from 1861 to 2001 are at the Senator John Heinz history center Pittsburgh.   The photographs have not all been digitized[0]=RELS_EXT_isMemberOfCollection_uri_ms%3A%22info%5C%3Afedora%5C/pitt%3Acollection.47%22&islandora_solr_search_navigation=0

There is one pickle car #103 at the last link  scorll down the page  click on the image for a larger image

Rich Orr

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Does anyone have a prototype photo or a paint diagram for the wooden horizontal tank vinegar car?  I am completing one of the OMI brass cars and all I can find are pictures of models and the decals are applied differently in most of the pictures.  I have the Champ set but need to know correct locations and content.


Allen Cain

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