Re: Proper Placement Of A Load

Bruce Smith

Bob, Folks,

In general, flat cars were not allowed to have their maximum loading in the middle of their span.  HOWEVER, the PRR’s F22 (and F23) were relatively unusual as they could carry their maximum loading at the center of the span.  This is due to the short length and deep side and center sills. Built as gun flats, these cars, as well as gun flats from other railroads such as the Milwaukee, were intentionally designed to carry heavy loads in the center of their span, in order to act like “bolsters”.

Thus, this load by laser kit is 100% prototypically correct.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I don't have a prototype diagram or photo to compare with the model, but does the placement of the load supports over the middle of the flat cars rather than over or nearer the trucks seem correct?

Bob Chaparro

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