Re: Tangent GA Tank Car


Thanks for the heads-up on the Tangent tank car . . . I recently received the Sinclair #15167 and have found the same thing on the lettering, but after weathering I don't think it will be noticeable. 

I do have another question though . . . the car #15167 does not show up in my research. Tangent shows it in a picture from ~1957, but I have looked at the ORER for January 1957 and the 1955 Tank Car Capacities Tariff books and could not find a five-digit number for D-X Sunray Oil with the reporting marks SDRX.

Can anyone help me with additional information that shows when a number change may have happened or something to explain this?

As usual, thanks to this awesome group for all that I have learned . . .

Dennis Korn

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