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Steve and Barb Hile

SDRX was Sinclair not Sunray DX, but at some point beyond my research, their fleet became part of UTLX's in the mid 50's.  That would taken some time to accomplish, so the 1957 date is not unreasonable.
There are 68 cars in the range SDRX 15100-15194 in January 1954 ORER.
Steve Hile

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Thanks for the heads-up on the Tangent tank car . . . I recently received the Sinclair #15167 and have found the same thing on the lettering, but after weathering I don't think it will be noticeable. 

I do have another question though . . . the car #15167 does not show up in my research. Tangent shows it in a picture from ~1957, but I have looked at the ORER for January 1957 and the 1955 Tank Car Capacities Tariff books and could not find a five-digit number for D-X Sunray Oil with the reporting marks SDRX.

Can anyone help me with additional information that shows when a number change may have happened or something to explain this?

As usual, thanks to this awesome group for all that I have learned . . .

Dennis Korn

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