Re: Tangent GA Tank Car

Tim O'Connor

One of the Gerstley photos (circa 1958-1959) is a shot of a GATC Type 17 SDRX #15145.

The series 14800-15803 still shows
7 tank cars with SDRX reporting marks in the 1963 ORER,
5 cars in the 1965 ORER. Evidently so old why bother repainting or relettering them? :-)

UTLX #72815 (photographed in December 1963) was a GATC Type 17 - it might even be one of
the Sinclair tanks with a full repaint. :-\ The number series that includes it still exists in the 1970
tariff book with sister cars #72810 and #72814 shown - the same size, but of unknown vintage.

I would love to know if any Type 17's made it to 1971...

Tim O'Connor

SDRX was Sinclair not Sunray DX, but at some point beyond my research, their fleet became part of UTLX's in the mid 50's.  That would taken some time to accomplish, so the 1957 date is not unreasonable.
There are 68 cars in the range SDRX 15100-15194 in January 1954 ORER.
Steve Hile

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