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Nelson Moyer

Thanks, Ed. I had forgotten about that link. I downloaded the pdf so I can search my hard drive next time.


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I built a Westerfield MP 81000 series boxcar, and the decals only support NEW reweigh dates. Since the car was built in 1924, and I model 1953, I need to know the reweigh station so I can piece together a reweigh location and date. Photos of cars show DES 2-51 and DUPO 7-34. What are other location on the MP that I might consider, based upon a limited number of decal letters available?



It’s been quite a few years ago when a number of people collaborated with Richard Hendrickson in compiling a list of weigh stations symbols, which is one of the many prototype reference files in the STMFC web site. 



Link is the 6th bullet. The list is alphabetical by reporting marks, which for MoPac on-line weigh stations include listings on 3 pages.


21 International-Great Northern

23 Missouri Pacific

25 Gulf Coast lines (listed as NOT&M but also applies to StLB&M)



Ed Hawkins

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