Erie 82500-83199 Series Box Car Doors

Andy Carlson

Hi folks-

Last year I did a photo-free synopsis on Youngstown steel doors. I should get some photos and upgrade the synopsis and place it in the storage areas on the STMFC.

But I looked up a 82XXX Erie box car on Fallen flags, and the builders photos clearly showed the pre-war design of 6' wide doors which I call 5/6/5-T, which Intermountain supplies on their 10'6" AAR Modified kits. I have a bag of these doors somewhere, as they were used by the GN on 1000s of 10'0 IH cars, though these doors are a nominal door for 10'6" cars, an enigma which I have never had a satisfactory explanation (GN's 10'0" Superior doors were nominal 10'0" IH doors, and those cars which had Superior doors had higher lower door tracks).
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Thanks, Bill. I did a search, and other possible sources are Westerfield and Red Caboose (if they’re still out there somewhere). I’ll contact Andy and see what he’s got. I’ve purchased from him previously.
Nelson Moyer
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I think Southwest Models has the doors you will need. Suggest you reach out to Andy Carlson for these.
Bill Welch

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