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The Erie Freight Car Diagram Book is also available on Fallen Flags:

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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Nelson, you ask questions about painting and accessories.

ERIE box cars were usually delivered with BCR sides, but black roof, ends and underbody. The black roof and ends were, I believe, along with a few others who have researched this, a coating of car cement. Roofwalks appear to not be painted when delivered. However, once the ERIE repainted box cars, they appeared not to retain the black roof and ends, simply painting everything (including the roofwalks.

Per the ERIE 1952 Diagram book*, these cars were built by ACF, June ’46 to September ’46.

Note 1 says “Cars 82500-83199 equipped with Murphy Improved Solid Steel (roofs) with No. 14 Ga. Armco Zincgrip – paintgrip roof sheets

Car 82619 has Youngstown all welded steel sides.

Hand brake

82500-82899 – Ajax

82900-83199 – Universal


82500-82799 – “Dual Control”

82800-82899 – ASF A-3 Ride Control

82900-83099 – Barber S-2 Stabilized

83100-83199 – Railway Truck Corp’n snub up

Running Boards and brake steps

82500-82899 – Apex Tri-lok metal

82900-83199 – US Gypsum Co.

The prototype police will be examining your work, Nelson! 😊


*This diagram book is available from the ERIE LACKAWANNA HISTORICAL SOCIETY..

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Thanks for the link. Another responder sent them off list, and they’re beautiful.

The brake step looks like it’s wood with steel strap around it, and probably steel on top. It’s clearly not Apex. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like the roof may be unpainted. If it’s painted, did Erie paint the Apex running board of leave it unpainted? I presume if the roof is unpainted, the running board would also be unpainted. The photos confirmed that first 200 cars had Ajax power hand brakes and National B trucks, and from the photo, they’re black.

Nelson Moyer

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Nelson, look at these:



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