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Nelson Moyer

Wow! This car is getting complicated. Has anyone modeled a roof like that? I’d probably take more flack for adding the black paint to simulate car cement than to leave it the way it is, BCR roof and unpainted Apex running board.


Nelson Moyer


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Thanks for the details. Interesting that Branchline supplied a BCR roof for a NEW 49 car. I’m thinking that the car would not have been repainted by 1953, so the roof should be black. However, the BCR roof and unpainted Apex running board is already installed. I could remove the running board (used canopy cement), mask and paint the roof, and reinstall the running board, or I can just refrain from posting any photos of the car. The locals are unlikely to know or care about prototype accuracy. That’s what I get for building a plastic kit; I should stick to resin. But, at $10 for the kit, I couldn’t resist adding an Eastern road car to the roster, my only Erie.


One other thing, according to Ed’s table on SEFC, the first 300 car of series 82500- had National B-1 trucks. I don’t know if or how that translates to ‘Dual Control’.



In the event that the original paint specs are useful for Erie 82500-83199, the following comes from the ACF bill of materials for the 700 cars built in lot 2862:


DuPont (300)/Pittsburgh (200)/Sherwin-Williams (200) Metallic Brown - sides; black car cement - ends, u/f, roof seam caps, top of side plate; black - brake parts, trucks; white - stencils; black/Dulux Gold - monogram


This document is available for review or for making copies of desired pages at the Barriger National Railroad Library (St. Louis Mercantile Library).


Because the side plate and roof seam caps were black car cement, a photo of the car from a low angle can give a false conclusion that the entire roof was black. A photo from a higher angle would show otherwise.


Ed Hawkins

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