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Thanks for an fascinating story about a very interesting industry. I took note of the freight cars in the photos (mandatory content). It is really sad to think how much these piano keys contributed to the decline in elephants. Supposedly, ivory keys were not manufactured after the 1920s, but this story proves this is untrue.

Ivory is still available from Walker Piano Key Service, though it is salvaged from old pianos and mostly used to restore other old pianos. I bought some tails from Walker to use in my replica medieval arrows to represent the cow horn strips used as reinforcements to the nock ends (flat cow horn is really hard to find and generally too thick for the arrows I make for target shooting). Thinking about all those dead elephants really creeped me out though, so I switched to styrene sheet. It looks the same from the side.

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There is no photo to go with this subject but the overall story, which is about a piano key and piano keyboard manufacturer,  is on this link:


Within the story is this statement:


A Buffalonian recalls "seeing railroad flatcars parked on a siding behind the building loaded with elephant tusks arranged like crown roasts of beef, tied in the middle, waiting to be off-loaded."


I would love to see a photo depicting this.


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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