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Peter Hall

I use liquid detergent.  Dip the drill bit into the liquid, then drill one hole at a time.  It works well.  As long as I’ve practiced this technique, I have not broken even 0.3mm carbide bits, which have no tolerance for sideways movement.


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Does anyone have a drill motor this size powered by a battery?  It would be nice to have one without a cord.

Yes, MicroMark sells a cordless screwdriver ( two AAA batteries) and a chuck. Because it's a screwdriver, it drills slowly. I have been drilling grab iron holes with a #79 bit and so far have broken only one bit (six cars). I suspect the bit broke because it became dull and seized up. I suppose I should use bees wax. Because all that is moving is slight pressure on the car towards the bit, there is no wobble such as you get with a pin vice. Here are the product numbers for MicroMark:

# 86258    Screwdriver
# 86259    Chuck

Spen Kellogg

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