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Richard Townsend

I don't know about bentonite, but kaolin is used in porcelain. it's good for wheelthrowing and dinnerware. Think Ming vases. So if you have a dinnerware manufacturer on your layout you could have kaolin deliveries. It's also used for bathroom fittings and dolls, among other things.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Kaolin and Bentonite are forms of clay, but I don’t think either of them would be  useable as clay for pottery.
Long ago, almost long enough to qualify as in the time period of this list, I recall seeing pallet sized cardboard boxes, open topped, maybe 24” high, filled with gray clay for use in potteries.  I didn’t see them in a railroad setting, but in an artist’s studio.  I remember thinking that was a very heavy load.  I’m guessing that multiples of these would have been shipped in a box car.
I don’t know the weight per cubic foot of potter’s clay, but I would imagine that a car loaded with pallets of clay would quickly reach the load limit of a car, rather than “cube out.”

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