Re: Prototype Rails

Steve and Barb Hile

I was out of town for a couple of days and am now plowing through almost 300
FC and STMFC messages.

Although how I came to them I don't recall, I do have 3 issues of "The Car
Report" the newsletter of the Freight Car Data Exchange (FCDX) compiled by
Richard H. The earliest is dated March 1986. This is another piece of the
(very) informal history of the Freight Car Movement.

Aren't we a movement?????

Steve Hile

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Tim O'Connor wrote (replying on my behalf to Dick Harley):

My first Naperville meet was in 1995, and I think that
was the 2nd, if not the 1st, meet.
It was the second. 1994 was the first. (I haven't missed any.)
I'd like to remind you guys (and gals) of what must surely be the
grandpappy of all of these freight car meetings, held in the early 80s in
a little town just south of the Washington, DC beltway. I don't remember
the date but I remember the town was Springfield, Virginia and meeting
many of the same people who show up at these similar meetings today,
including Al Westerfield, Chris Barkan and Keith Jordan, among others.

The second coming of the freight car movement had be the 1990 NMRA
convention, so ably hosted in Pittsburgh by Tony Thompson, now known as
Mr. Anthony W. Thompson, Ed. I think it was Tony collecting and
publicizing one of the finest groups of freight car leaning clinicians
ever assembled which has made it possible for people like me to be kicked
off of internet groups. Thank you Tony and all of you who helped in
those early days when we were considered freaks for looking beyond the


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