Re: Bulk Clay Shipments In Boxcars

Greg Martin

Scott Chatfield touched on a point of interest for me when he writes:

"Bulk kaolin was just milled and washed and loaded in boxcars with a heap over each truck, but how much of that went any distance I can't say."

I lived in East Liverpool, Oh until the age of 8. Long before I was born East Liverpool, OH was known as the Pottery Capitol of the world with over 300 potteries in it's history.

My Grandmother was a master potter and before she retired worked in the Gold Leafing room, adding the gold leaf to the china by hand.

My father also worked at Hall China during WWII unloading Kaolin from boxcars by hand hand and hand truck from the huge slabs of clay loaded inside. The unloading was done with a steel wire, you would throw it over the top of the slab and draw the wire towards you cutting the slab of clay and hopefully not too much as you had to run the clay into the stores room with a hand truck until the car was unloaded and cleaned. A very dirty process.

When ask what kind of boxcars, the answer was boxcar red ones.

Hall China, Sterling China, Homer Laughlin China and the others could absorb a lot of Kaolin in a days time. Loads in and loads out, the perfect storm of the model railroader. In the fifties along with clay you would need barrels, excelsior, and boxcars with draft/ cushioned underframes... Think PS-1's and  X29E's to start.

Greg Martin

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