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John Hagen <sprinthag@...>


Good luck on that one. So far I have two different commercial RR Roman fonts plus two more fonts that I drew up in order to be able match various different prototype fonts.

So now I can just type in whichever font I need and I still often end up modifying certain letters to match the prototype.

If you have prototype photos showing the font you want, I’ll develop a font to match can be installed on your computer.

John Hagen


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I am looking for the actual set of lettering alphabet / punctuation / numbers not placement on cars.  Normally they are dimensioned differently for small to large lettering.

I’ve got sets for UP, ATSF, SP and other roads and a long time ago using Budd drawings made up the “Zephyr Font” that was the basis for Micro-Scale and other renditions of that style lettering.  

What I am looking for is the ARA Standard Railroad Roman type lettering that apparently the CB&Q used as the basis for their hand lettered and stenciled lettering on freight cars as no reference to a CB&Q drawing has turned up so far.

Charlie Vlk






Eric Hansmann

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Speaking of lettering, does anyone have ARA standard lettering drawings?   

Some CB&Q L&P drawings reference them instead of CB&Q alpha and numeric drawings.


Charlie Vlk


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