Re: Lettering requirements

Tony Thompson

Charlie Vlk wrote:

What I am looking for is the ARA Standard Railroad Roman type lettering that apparently the CB&Q used as the basis for their hand lettered and stenciled lettering on freight cars as no reference to a CB&Q drawing has turned up so far.

       Way back when, the Master Car Builders designed a sample typeface of "standard Roman letters" which was reproduced for years thereafter in sample form in Cycs and in the ARA and AAR Manuals of the day. But this was never required (indeed, quite a few railroads used sans-serif letters instead of Roman). There was never any such thing in railroad usage as "Railroad Roman," by that name, only in the imagination of sellers of decals. I have by no means examined the lettering of every railroad, but have scrutinized a fair number, and so far have never yet found a single case where the MCB lettering was used without revision. I suppose any roomful of draftsmen could not resist the opportunity to tinker .
        Should it turn out that CB&Q did use the MCB lettering characters, I would be surprised, and as I said, it would the first one I know of.

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