Re: Has Anyone Assembled the Laser Kit Pickle Car?

Richard Townsend

David Leider's Pickle book has a photo of an open-sided Heinz pickle car. The implication in the book is that Heinz did not have any open-sided cars until 1952. So it would appear likely that the open-sided car in the 1923 photo is not a Heinz car.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Here's a 1923 image of the School Street yard of the B&O Allegheny BBranch. Click on the image for easier review and to zoom in on the freight cars.

The HJ Heinz plant is less than a mile to the right and served by this branch. Four of five pickle tank cars are the Heinz coffin type cars while one is open. Just beyond the Heinz is a Lutz & Schramm Pickles & Preserves operation...
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

Which means the open car could have been for Lutz, not Heinz. I would actually think that was more likely; you'll note the Heinz car h ave hanging signs attached to a handrail like affair along the centerline of the roof, even though there is plenty of room on the slab sides of the cars, where they chose to simply advertise "pickles." In comparison, the open vat car is all but unmarked, which leads me to think it is NOT a Heinz car.

Dennis Storzek

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