Re: GN front facing goat likelihood

Tim O'Connor


I have an image of GN 3880, a freshly painted truss rod box car, with the
front facing goat herald, with an 11-1940 date stencil.

I also have an image of GN 52075, one of the modern double sheathed box cars,
and it also has a front facing goat herald with a 1940 built date (can't make
out the month). Also, a 9-1940 photo of freshly built GN 49163.

The latest image I have of a front facing goat is GN 31248, a single sheathed
box car, from 1955.

Were the plywood side box cars the first new cars to be built with the side
facing goat?

Tim O'Connor


Maybe Staffan Ehnbom will chime in here, but I'm certain that the first use of the side facing goat herald (on freight cars, at least) is 1940. The interesting thing is that the GN started using a side facing goat herald on brochures and other literature around 1936, but that was years before they used it on freight cars. The first three orders of 45000-52999 series boxcars all received front facing goats, and were built in 1937 and 1939.

FWIW, I have pictures of very weathered front facing goats on GN boxcars into the early 1950s.

Bob Heninger
Minot, ND

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