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Richard Townsend

According to the "typewritten list" at the site Ben teased us with, the X43B rode on 2D-F33 trucks, which were ASF Ride Control trucks.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Correction, the list went through X42, not X43b.
Nelson Moyer
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Nelson Moyer asked:
"I built a Branchline Blueprint kit lettered for a PRR X43B boxcar. The PRR Freight Car Truck Chart stops at X42. What trucks were used on X43B cars?"
Not sure which revision you are consulting - be advised this document is updated periodically, and there are multiple revisions posted at Rob Schoenberg's website.  I'm not going to spoonfeed you the answer - I leave it to you to do the homework.
Ben Hom

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