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Ed Hawkins

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I have a shot of SOO 2154, an ex-LNE PS-1 acquired in 1960. The car was
part of series 1700-2238 - a total of 298 cars in the 1963 ORER - acquired
second hand. My notes say the car is from USRE, but there is a "builder"
stencil I don't recognize - arched lettering but not PS nor ACF. Maybe it's
an early USRE stencil before they chose the "48 states" logo.

I do not know whether the entire series were PS-1 box cars, but all of them
were listed as 3885 cuft and 10'6" IH. The series did not exist in 1959, so
the whole series is definitely second hand box cars. Most of the cars were
still in the Soo roster in 1972 BTW. :-)

These PS-1s bought 2nd hand by Soo Line were the original LNE 8751-9050, 300 cars built 3-5/56 in Pullman-Standard lot 8287. Soo Line purchased the cars in late 1959 to early 1960 after USRE refurbished them. The total series became Soo Line 1700-2298, even numbers only. The upper-arched part of badge is UNITED STATES RAILWAY EQUIP’T CO. along with horizontal stencils BLUE ISLAND, ILL. below the arched stencils.

A photo of Soo Line 2240 shows this badge and reweigh stencils NY 2-60. 

Relating this to the original question about the other 8 cars that LNE obtained 2nd hand from NYS&W in 1956-1957, it’s possible the LNE 9051-9058 PS-1 box cars also went to USRE along with 8751-9050. However, I’ve not been able to trace where they went after 1/60.
Ed Hawkins

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