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Steve and Barb Hile

Quite sure about the purchase of 35 - 8000 gallon cars in 1927 and the LINX reporting marks appear to have been associated only with Lincoln Oil Refining in 1927, or shortly after.  The ORER's that I can't seem to find...
I am trying to piece together the rest of the story.
Steve Hile

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Steve,  are you sure UTLX purchased these cars?   The LINX reporting marks now belong to GE Railcar Services and are part of the NATX North American Tank Car Lines

Rich Orr

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I am trying to trace some Lincoln Oil Refining Company tank cars that were purchased by UTLX in 1927.  I don't see Lincoln, or its reporting marks LINX in the October 1926 ORER and it doesn't show in 1930, either.
I would appreciate if anyone could share any Lincoln Oil Refining ORER info from any time in 1927 or later.  Lincoln was located in Robinson, Illinois and was a predecessor of Marathon, which still operates a refinery there.
Thanks in advance.
Steve Hile

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